Hanoi in Pictures

This is Hanoi in pictures. We were in Hanoi in February and March of 2016 just as the cold weather was beginning to subside. Unfortunately, some of my film didn’t develop properly – could have been old film, or a poor developer, but it is what it is. I kinda like the look it creates sometimes anyways, gives it more character.

Film (the few that came out): 


Balloons on a bike



Woman sitting

Hanoi streets

I remember taking it

Looking towards Ho Tay lake

Lake Temple

Chùa Trấn Quốc Temple


Worshippers at Chùa Trấn Quốc Temple

Temple Incense

A man places a joss stick at Chùa Trấn Quốc Temple


French Colonial Building


Old Temple and traffic

Hanoi street traffic

Streets of Hanoi

Hanoi streets

Plants on the side of the road

Small vegetables garden along the street

Yellow Church

Local church

Rain on the Railroad

Railroad crossing

Coffee Place

Small coffee shop

Family on a bike

A family on a motorbike

Nice roosters

Local chickens

More Streets

Hanoi street traffic

Gated house

Gated house in Hanoi

Nearby Street

The street our Airbnb was on

Angled Temple Entrance

A local temple door


Hibiscus after a rain

After the rain

Flowers in the rain


A fountain near Hoan Kiem Lake


Flower arrangments


Narrow canal

Nice house

French colonial house

Balloons and a busy street

A woman crosses a busy street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi with balloons

Art Gallery

Small art gallery in the Old Quarter

Making art

Artist painting buddha in the Old Quarter

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters

Husband day care center

A bar catering to tourists


Busy traffic surrounding an old water tower

Crossing streets

Motorbikes in front of a war statue

Lake and trees

Hoan Kiem Lake

Across from the temple

Art on a temple wall

More flowers

Flower arrangments

Nice little yellow area

A narrow alley way


Grungy buildings


Ho Tay Lake


A lotus fountain

City of lakes

Ho Tay Lake

Carrying things

A woman carries supplies

Those power lines though

Crazy powerlines

The streets

New construction

Bike and flowers

Flower bike next to Ho Tay Lake


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