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I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t interested in seeing more of the world. My parents traveled while my mom was pregnant with me, and so I think I caught the travel bug before I was even out of the womb. I was born in Spain and moved ten times (Air Force brat) before my family decided to stay put in Niceville, Florida when I was in middle school. Growing up, we made lots of cross country road trips for extended family visits and to see new things. I had been to nearly every state by the time I was 16 and had the opportunity to do a bit more international travel while I lived in Italy for 3 years growing up.


I began college in 2009, changed my major 9 times, and graduated with my BS in psychology in 2011 (both summa cum laude and an Honors College graduate). My post-grad plan before I met Kyle was to join the Peace Corps. (I also considered the military but was told that without an engineering degree, I would have to enlist so re-thought it for the time thinking it might change.) It was a long process, and even though I had really been looking forward to it, by the time I was given my assignment (for the Peace Corps) I no longer felt comfortable leaving everyone and everything for 27 months in Africa. I decided on graduate school instead. Even though I got into a top-ranked program for criminology, I chose to stay at UCF where Kyle and my sister were still enrolled (plus I was familiar with the school and area) and began my MA in Applied Sociology in 2012. I learned a lot and developed a love for sociology and research. I found the program both enlightening and empowering. My funding was provided through a graduate teaching assistantship, which I enjoyed, and several papers I contributed to were presented at national conferences. One of the papers is now published in an academic journal. I finished graduate school in 2013. I would have liked to stay a little longer but a combination between my lease coming up and Kyle graduating with his BA made me decide to graduate from that program a little early as well.

Throughout college, (aside from my assistantship for grad school), I had a variety of service jobs, worked on a political campaign, and had an internship at a juvenile detention center. Since finishing school I have mostly been tutoring (ranging from phonics to test prep to teaching english) and freelance writing type work (including creating content for an educational website, ghost-writing, a little editing, and assisting current students with their schoolwork, though I would like to expand to ebooks). I also find Kyle freelance work. I am looking to expand to more ways of creating/making income.


My interests include cats, and other animals, baking and eating sweets, reading, art, crafting, knitting, photography (particularly film and polaroids), and more, but this could go on nearly indefinitely. I like scheduling, planning activities, making lists, and researching everything and everyone. I am also one of those vegetarian, travel-loving, yogis (which appears to be an increasingly common combination among millennials, at least that is the impression I have gotten from Instagram).