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Travel: Kyle was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and spent the first 9 years of my life there before my family moved to the Jacksonville, Florida area….

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Kyle was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and spent the first 9 years of my life there before my family moved to the Jacksonville, Florida area. I’ve explored the states some (17 down east to west, mostly in the south) but plan to eventually see the whole country.

Some of my favorite things I’ve done in the US are hiking/exploring the California coast and Sierra Nevada, camping and tubing the Texas Hill Country, and enjoying the rivers, springs, and coasts of Florida.

2016 brought my international experience up to include much of south east Asia, Korea, some of the middle east, as well as Serbia and Hungary in Europe. Previous to that, I had a fair amount of traveling (albeit through cruises) through the Caribbean and Central America, and a tiny bit of Canada.

So far, 2017 has kept us closer to home, exploring California. The wandering spirit has not died though – with a trip to Vancouver, Canada under the belt already. Mexico awaits us at the end of the summer, and a mystery destination will close out the year.

Work / Education:

I am currently a animator / designer / videographer at the University of California Santa Cruz where I am creating educational videos for high school students. As well, I freelance animation and various other art gigs on the side. Feel free to check out my portfolio of work.

I graduated from UCF’s character animation program in 2013. The short film my classmates and I produced in the 2 year program took first at the 2013 Central Florida Film Festival and also premiered at SIGGRAPH 2013. As the job market, and I, have evolved, and with the help of Briana, I have created a niche for myself as a freelancer allowing a fluid and mobile lifestyle.

Hobbies / Likes:

A few things I enjoy above most others are water, sun, film, animation, and music. I was swimming before I was walking and have never stopped. I started wake-boarding and other boat sports when I was still in elementary school and was an officer for my college Wakeboard club. Even my first job was as a lifeguard.

Growing up, I was constantly watching cartoons and playing video games; to this day I still enjoy watching cartoons and animation of all kinds and still try to find time to play a few games here and there, all of which has influenced my current career as an animator. At the same time, I have a need to get out in the sun and explore nature, which recently has been really easy to do in the majestic wildernesses of California.

I started playing the guitar in college, and really fell into enjoying playing string instruments. I started playing the piano when I was a child but just never could get into it. Currently, I am learning to play the Saz Cura and Ukulele and hope to learn to play other stringed instruments that I come across in my travels. And of course, just as any artist does – I can’t help but draw and doodle wherever I find a canvas.

Blogging For Books

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