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Married With Maps in South Korea

Seoul In 60 Seconds

With my new job keeping us in California for the moment, I have gotten more experience with video editing.  I know we haven’t put up as many posts lately, we’ve just been busy. I have taken the time to make a cool video of our favorite city though: Seoul, South Korea.

A Visual Journey Through Seoul

I hope you enjoy, and if you do, I’ll make more for other locations we’ve visited.

You can further explore the city with our numerous posts from our three months living in the South Korean Capital. Just click here!

The video you see covers only one season – Fall. During this time, the winds grew brisk and snow fell upon the landscape. Korea is a magical place.


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Another travel video for you! Obviously I had both this and the spin idea in mind throughout our time though there are definitely quite a bit for more certain areas/countries than others.


World Dancing Travel Video

Watch our World Dancing Video around the world! These videos are of us from the past year, 2016!

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