Previous to being with Kyle, Briana lived in several states and a couple countries. She has visited many places including Mount Rushmore, Big Ben, the Space Needle, the Colosseum, Colonial Williamsburg, the Salzburg Salt Mines, the Mall of America,  Lake Bled, the Badlands, Hadrian’s Wall, the Great Salt Lake, NYC, Dublin, Boston, Pompeii, Reno, Neuschwanstein Castle and more. Previous to Briana, Kyle lived in Texas and Florida. In the past he has gone scuba diving in the Bahamas, snowboarding in West Virginia, kayaking in Alaska and has visited a Dude Ranch in Colorado, Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, the islands of St Thomas and St Maarten, and more. Together they have driven across the country multiple times and done things like Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Pride Fest in San Francisco, and Busch Gardens in Tampa (where they got engaged.) Even though they have been and lived in more places both nationally and internationally as individuals, the content on this site will be mostly about the places they live and visit together (post college.)  Hover your mouse over places and click on a region or country.