North and Central America

The United States. USA! We love our big, beautiful country and think it has a lot to offer. We have been in (and Briana has lived in) more states than listed here  and may make some reminiscent posts of these areas at some point but for now are just covering the regions where we have lived or spent at least a couple months together.

California Bay Area. We lived in San Jose, CA from August 2014 to August 2015. We enjoyed almost everything but the prices. (Briana also lived just north of the bay area for a couple years growing up.)

We returned to San Jose in December of 2016.
Hikes:   South Bay Hikes,  Santa Cruz Hikes East Bay Hikes,  SF Hikes,  National Parks  , Santa Teresa County Park Hike (Video) , Pinnacles National ParkCarmel-By-The-Sea Day Trip
Other Activities:   Free in Silicon Valley,  Parks and Gardens,  2 Free Tours in Fairfield,  Monterey Bay and Big Sur,  San Francisco,  Golden Gate Park,   Napa,  Holidays in SJ,  

Food:   San Jose Eats  

Florida. There are many parts of Florida we have been to a few times but have not fully explored (like Tampa, Miami, and Ocala) but right now we are only covering areas we have lived anyway. On that note, we lived in Orlando for 4 (Briana) and 5 (Kyle) years and have been back for visits but haven’t decided how to write about it yet.
The Panhandle:   Pensacola,  Okaloosa-Walton 
North Florida:   St. Augustine,  Fleming Island-Jacksonville,  Skydiving on Amelia Island 

Texas. This was our first post-grad move. We lived in Dallas during the second half of 2013. During this time we visited some of Kyle’s family in San Antonio for Thanksgiving. (Extra: Kyle was actually born in Corpus Christi, Texas and spent years there growing up. One of Briana’s grandmas used to live in Corpus Christi so she had actually spent time there as well.)
Dallas  I  San Antonio

Cruises. Kyle went on many cruises growing up but so far we have been on just two together, both for special occasions. This is where we cover a little bit of Central America. Of course you don’t spend as much time in a location on a cruise but it’s a relaxing way to vacation and potentially see a few different places at once. 
Our Post-Grad Cruise: Key West;  Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands;  Ocho Rios, Jamaica (Carnival)
Our Honeymoon Cruise: Cozumel, Mexico;  Roatan, Honduras;  Costa Maya, Mexico;  Belize City, Belize (Norwegian Cruise Lines)