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Cats eating

Video: Our Cyprus Housesit Watching 7 Cats

Cyprus Housesit Video

I first attempted to make an overall Cyprus video, but our “tourist” clips just didn’t blend well with all the cat videos. So this is a video mostly featuring the seven cats we watched in Dhoros. Gotta love cat videos, though!  I will probably make another short video showing some of our activities out, though. Enjoy our Cyprus housesit!


Problematic Cat Cafe

Ailu Cat Cafe – Hanoi

I am sad to report that the cat cafe in Hanoi – Ailu Cat Cafe, also known as Ailu Cathouse Club,  is the worst cat cafe we have been to so far. Mostly due to the state and treatment of the cats there.

~ Ailu Cat Cafe has since closed, but we will keep this post up for historical context and documentation of cat cafes around the world.

Ailu Cat Cafe

Evening Arrival

We made our way here at the end of a long day of walking around Hanoi doing various other activities (including the Temple of Literature and the Vietnamese Women’s Museum). Hanoi is really a lovely city to walk around, especially during the time we visited (February/March).

Near the cafe

There are stairs leading up to the cafe in front of what I think might have been a restaurant. We made our way up and did the standard take off our shoes and pay the entrance fee. This cat cafe had the cheapest fee of any cat cafe so far at 35,000VND/person (at least in March 2016, it’s possible it will be raised). This comes out to about $3.15 for both of us.

Ailucat house

They Realize They’re Running A Business Right?

The whole thing was rather strange because the person running the place at the time did not even offer us a menu or ask if we would like to order something to drink/eat. Usually cat cafes (at least at the ones we visited in Asia) like to try to sell their food as it’s a way they make money. The guy actually looked a little unhappy that we came at all. Not in an annoyed way, but maybe more in the ‘they are going to see how badly this cafe is run’ sort of way. I’m not sure.

White Cat

There were quite a few kittens but we did not get to spend time with any of them because a group of young girls (also the only other people at the cafe) was hogging them all.

Girls with Kittens

We made our way to the back and settled in some bean bags. Here are some of the troubling things I found:

Smiling Cat but maybe sick

There were a few issues

  1. Some of the cats seemed ill.
  2. Several of the cats needed to be groomed and/or cleaned (such as cleaning around their eyes, brushing their fur, etc.)
  3. I think at least a couple of the cats were not fixed! One of them seemed to be in heat.
  4. Some of the cats had mental issues (possibly as a result of their treatment.) Some were very strange about things like eye contact (believe me, it was strange- I have spent time with plenty of cats and not encountered something quite like this) and others were extremely moody.
  5. The owners/workers abused the cats. One time I saw a cat crawling up a toy having fun and the man working there kept putting it down for no reason. It seemed very mean. I also saw him hit a cat that was fighting.
  6. On that note: the fighting. Now, you might think a little rough play is inevitable when you put that many cats together, but we did not notice any at any of the other cat cafes (or it was very light). We saw several cats fighting during the hour we were there. If you have seen the television show My Cat from Hell, which we actually did see on the tv in Vietnamese in Hanoi, you may know that there are certain things you can do to create an environment which will help with this kind of thing.
  7. Cats in cages. We saw two cats in the back in cages. I don’t know why they were there but one of them kept crying. I understand that at some cat cafes they may move a problem cat/fighting cat to another room, but they need to have access to food, water, and a littler box at all times!
  8. At one point I saw a cat on the balcony walking on the ledge! That is a little scary!
  9. It is not really a surprise from Vietnam as the country isn’t known for caring about animals (quite the opposite), but we had had a good experience at ICHI Cat Cafe down in Ho Chi Minh so we thought it might be okay.
  10. Now, despite their instability, most of the cats were very sweet and it was nice to hang out with them. One white fluffy one crawled up to Kyle at one point, kneaded him, purred, and finally settled and went to sleep in his lap. We felt really bad when we left and the cat had to leave his lap.

Person Tending to CageCrawling on Lap
Kyle with Kitties
Kyle with White Cat

The Cats Are Still Great Though

All of the cats who would accept attention really seemed happy to receive pets.

Me with CatGray Kitty
Kitty in bean bag

There were also two cats that were very sweet to watch because they were always rubbing each other, giving each other baths, etc.

Cuddling cats

I can’t exactly recommend the place but at the same time I worry that they would give them even less care or something if they don’t get enough visitors so if you happen to be in the area, that is your call. I really hope they work to improve things.

Kitty walking


ICHI Cat Cafe

So far, we have found a cat cafe in every large  city we have gone to so far and Saigon was no exception. The cafe here was called ICHI Cat Cafe (no, I don’t know the origins of the name) and it did not disappoint.

P2010232 copy copy20160202_143209 copy copy

Great Cat Cafe

It operates similarly to the others. First, you walk in, take off your shoes and put on their slippers and wash your hands. They show you the rules which are similar to other cafes (like don’t pick up the cats and don’t use flash on the cats).

20160202_143333 copy copy

There is a “cuddle charge” of 40,000dong (~$1.80). The drinks options (you are not required to buy one) include various coffees, yogurt shakes, sodas, smoothies, teas, and more. They also have some dessert options.

There were tons of sweet kitties!

20160202_150734 copy copy

I love seeing cats get snuggly with each other.

P2010233 copy copy20160202_144116 copy copy

“There’s no other kitty here. Just me.”

20160202_144840 copy copy

All of the cats pretty healthy which was good to see.

P2010243 copy copy

Delicious Drinks

We ordered one drink to share (a strawberry smoothie) and it was great.  They also gave us water which was nice.

20160202_144145 copy copy

A nice water fountain was available for the cats.

20160202_144636 copy copy

The feeding schedule is not clear,  but one cat seemed like it wished it was time for food.

P2010242 copy copy

I was also able to find some litter boxes (just off to the side/sort of in the corner), which for some reason I find comforting. I wouldn’t have probably noticed them if I weren’t looking.

20160202_145736 copy copy

Like at other cafes, we enjoyed going around and observing and petting various cats and also just sitting with them. This cafe felt more open to our mobility within the cafe and was not overly crowded with people.

20160202_144431 copy copy
20160202_145806 copy copy
P2010238 copy copy
20160202_144554 copy copy

Such a cutie.

20160202_153018 copy copy
20160202_145427 copy copy

There were a few other people there including a girl who was there sketching the cats. I had to tell a child to stop bothering a cat, though. She was blowing in its face and doing other things to bother it.

20160202_152857 copy copy

Cut Cat Theme

They had lots of cute decorations like cat pillows. There was even a bookshelf full of books (mostly about kitties).

20160202_144120 copy copy20160202_144124 (1) copy copy
20160202_145345 copy copy
20160202_144725 copy copy

There was also a period of time where most of the cats decided to take naps.

20160202_144501 copy copy
20160202_144445 copy copy
20160202_144438 copy copy

Find It

Overall a nice time.

Hours: 10:30am-10pm

Website: http://www.ichicatcafe.com/