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Victorian Greenhouse

Jevremovac Botanical Garden Belgrade


We enjoy gardens and parks (here’s a post we did a while back about some of the local ones we enjoy around San Jose). In general, they’re a nice place to just go for a stroll – so when we explored Google maps to check out what was around us and found Jevremovac Botanical Garden we decided to give it a go.

Belgrade Botanical Garden Entrance

After a little research we also found that these gardens are allegedly actually one of the most visited natural monuments in Serbia despite not showing up on any “Things to do in Belgrade” type lists we found. If you are limited on time in Serbia you probably won’t get to it but if you’re there a while (we were there over a month) or nearby, it’s a nice place to go wander around for a little bit. In general, and this is the vibe we get from Belgrade as a whole – we found the area to be peaceful and pleasant.

Walking into the garden

Altogether the park contains over 2,500 plant species spread over 12 acres. Some have labels to help you identify them.

Plant description

There are benches throughout certain areas of the park for anyone who gets tired or just feels like taking in the scenery and sounds of birds.

Park bench

Now, I’m sure the garden may appear different at different times of year, but also keep in mind that it’s not open year-round (info at the bottom).


Anyway, you can wander about and enjoy the general park/forest garden, but there are also a few specific places within Jevremovac worth mentioning:

The Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in Jevremovac

We really enjoy the aesthetic of Japanese Gardens. Of course, as far as I can recall we’ve only been to two others – the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose and the Japanese Garden on Margaret Island in Budapest (both impressive). We thought about visiting one in Vancouver which is supposed to be great but it was closed the day we planned to visit Vancouver (and prices were a bit high for us). This one was a little smaller than the other two but also very pretty.

Japanese Garden

Not far from it there’s also this little bamboo area you can walk through which is neat.

Bamboo forest

The Greenhouse

Victorian Greenhouse
Outside the greenhouse

The greenhouse on the property was built in Victorian-style (which we enjoyed) in 1892 (and reconstructed again in 1970, 2005, and 2014) and contains over 1,000 species.


Inside there are all kinds of different intriguing plants, succulents, and cacti.

Jevremovac Botanical Garden
Cute Succulents
Succulents garden
Pretty flower
OrchidsWater drops

When we first made it to the greenhouse we also saw a couple cats and fortunately we had cat treats with us so we sat and enjoyed the company of one of them (the other one was scared).

Kyle feeding catCute cat

Old Oak

There is also a 150-year-old oak tree inside which is a natural monument itself. (Sorry, don’t have a pic of it.)

Now for a little history: the garden was created in 1874 by the Ministry of Education of Serbia. The first manager (Josif Pancic) is said to be the “father of Serbian botany”. So this place is pretty significant in Serbia in terms of plants. About a decade after its creation, the king (Jevrem Obrenovic) donated the garden to the Great School in Belgrade and named it Jevremovac in honor of his grandfather.

And here’s some basic info for a visit:
Cost: 250 Serbian Dinar (~$2/person)
Address: Takovska 43, Beograd, Serbia
Hours: 9am-7pm May 1 – Nov 1
Note: Keep in mind that this attraction is only open from May through November

Cute flower

Parks and Gardens (SJ)


The Bay area is home to many beautiful parks and gardens. They are nice places to walk around, sit and relax, bring your dog, or have a picnic. We cannot recall every park and garden we went to but have written a little bit about the places we do remember:

(Note: all of them are free!)

1. San Jose Rose Garden. Considered America’s best rose garden, the San Jose Rose Garden has a variety of types of roses on several acres. There is also a nice water fountain in the middle surrounded by benches. We went here on multiple occasions. It is not always in full bloom as we once passed it once right after the roses had been cut back, but most of the time they are blooming and beautiful.

White dress and red rosesUntitledFountain in San Jose Rose Garden

2. Japanese Friendship Garden. (San Jose) Also known as Kelley Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden is actually modeled off of a garden which is in one of San Jose’s sister cities in Japan. There are 3 coy ponds, some Japanese structures and bridges, and a small waterfall. We saw people in wedding attire there on our visit which is not surprising due to the picturesque nature of the park.

Japanese Friendship GardenRed Bridge in the Friendship Garden

3. Guadelupe River Park. (San Jose). This park cuts across the city with nearly 3 miles of walking trails. Festivals and events are sometimes hosted at this park which is home to a Rose Garden (Heritage Rose Garden) and an orchard. It would be a good area for a run or a picnic.

OrchardsGuadelupe River Park

4. Overfelt Gardens. Also known as the Chinese Heritage Garden, this is a pretty place to walk around and has some nice features. Aside from the walking paths, there is a fragrance garden and some interesting structures/statues/buildings. We went on my birthday to walk around with my free birthday (and Kyle’s paid for) Baskin Robbins.

Chinese Heritage GardenOverfelt Gardens

5. Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge. Not a park or garden, but this is another nice place to take a stroll. Initially you walk on a boardwalk and then there are paths in the marshy area. The refuge is home to many different kinds of birds and other wildlife.


6. Rosicrucian Park/Peace Garden. (San Jose) We visited Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum once and walked around the gardens a couple of times. The museum has a large collection of Egyptian artifacts and even has a rock-cut tomb replica. The garden/park is around the museum and contains a temple, planetarium and research library in addition to the actual garden areas.

Rosicrucian GardensRosicrucian Gardens

7. Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto is a smaller garden but still pretty neat. There are some shaped bushes, (which are not so uncommon on the lawns in San Jose) and it is here that we learned about free lawn bowling.

Gamble GardensSun Dial

8. Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historical Park sits on the Richmond Marina and is a pretty decent-sized area to walk around and learn some of the interesting history of the area.

Richmond MarinaRosie the Riveter Park