Hello! Our names are Briana and Kyle. We have been together since 2011, and married since March 21st, 2015. Our blog was originally meant to be a mix between a travel diary, a way for friends and family to keep up with us better from across the world, and (hopefully) a helpful guide for people living in, or visiting these same areas. It seems everyone has a blog these days and we wanted to join in on the fun! A few months ago we won a Liebster Award! Now we are back in California but we will be continuing to write posts about our travels in the past and present.

We called our blog “Married with Maps” because we are indeed, married with maps. We started using (and collecting) trail maps while hiking when we lived in California the first time (the first time together, but my second time). We also enjoy consulting the world map, thinking about where we want to go next, and just looking at all there is out there to explore. Despite all the maps, we excel at getting lost. Here is our post grad journey so far, after Orlando, Florida where we spent a few years getting our degrees: Dallas, Texas (6 months) -> Jacksonville, Florida (7 months) -> San Jose, California (1 year) -> Songtan, South Korea (3 months.)-> Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (3 weeks) -> Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (a little over 3 weeks) -> Hanoi, Vietnam (1 week) -> Cat Ba Island, Vietnam (10 days) -> Hanoi, Vietnam (2 weeks) -> Bangkok, Thailand (25 days) -> Siem Reap (2 weeks) -> Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1 week) -> Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2 weeks) -> Bali, Indonesia (1 week) -> Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka (1 week)-> Weligama, Sri Lanka (2 weeks) -> Negambo, Sri Lanka (1 day) -> Bcharre, Lebanon (3 days) -> Beirut, Lebanon (2 days) -> Cyprus (nearly 3 months)-> Belgrade Serbia (5 weeks)-> Budapest, Hungary (1.5 months) ->San Jose, CA (current).  We began our international journey when Kyle was laid off. We became freelancers and figured out it isn’t that easy to rent and sign contracts when your income isn’t reliable. We wanted to travel anyway and I realized that while we could no longer afford to live in the U.S., we might be able to do so abroad, especially by utilizing housesitting (how we started off). We decided to become digital nomads. Kyle got a job which he wanted which offers benefits and which we are hoping will cover our expenses though so that is what we are doing now. Sometimes we try to plan a little into the future, but it seems no matter what we do, for the most part, we are never sure what’s next and are unable to predict where life will take us. We are also having fun with blogging. Let us know if you have any questions for us.


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  1. natalyadrian

    It sounds wonderful! When I tell people that we are digital nomads, they go: “Digital…what???” And my friends often say: “So, when you come back…” And then I quickly interrupt them and tell them: “But we are not coming back!” Do you get the same reactions?

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    1. marriedwithmaps Post author

      Lol yes. Lots of “So, when you come back..” from everyone. Also, “So when are you planning to settle down?” For some reason, many people fail to acknowledge/recognize that freelance and remote work is still work. They think we are just out playing around.

      Though we are visiting friends/family for the holidays and I think many of them think we are not leaving again. Kyle’s parents sometimes ask if we are tired of traveling yet and keep sending us jobs in their area lol. As long as we don’t move too often we are good.

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