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About Us – Married With Maps Welcome to Married With Maps. We can be a guide for: Budget Traveling Digital Nomading Location Independent Lifestyles Couples Travel Slow…

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About Us – Married With Maps

Welcome to Married With Maps. We can be a guide for:

  • Budget Traveling
  • Digital Nomading
  • Location Independent Lifestyles
  • Couples Travel
  • Slow Travel

“Live life on the go, in the moment, on a budget.”

For those traveling on a budget, digital nomad-ing, interested in or leading a location independent lifestyle, or a couple or family of any kind – we hope we can be a resource for you 🙂 By compiling first-hand experiences and in-depth, we will show you how to get off the beaten path on a budget. Transportation, accommodation, food, activities, culture, etc. from the posh streets of Seoul or Dubai ro wandering the ancient temples of Angkor Wat, we aim to record our travels and create helpful guides for others.

While we speak from the point of view of Americans, we encourage all nationalities to use and enjoy our site.

View from Ansan Mountain

What will you find?

Serene Buddhist temples, where you’re the only one besides the residing monk. Finding your way to the top of a mountain with a metropolis below. Navigating your way through mass-transit in a foreign city. Hopping on a motorbike and finding your way through Vietnam. These are just a few the experiences that we have to bring you relevant information to help you in your travels.
After making a wrong turn, on film

We know people value real information, from real people, in real life. On our site, you can get our information on living abroad, from the activities to engage in, to managing your taxes, budget, and jobs, etc. and feel free to ask us questions! We would be happy to help.

Not everything is seen through rose-tinted glasses. We’ve had our hardship, and we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way. There have been let downs, pleasant surprises, and a few bizarre happenings. All our experiences come together to give you informed and curated advice, tips, and tricks to living like a local.

Borobodur Selfie with Indonesians

Who are we?

We are a married American couple. We’ve been near-constant move since graduating college and are always excited to see what’s ahead.

It began with a couple cruises, and a few moves in the US between Florida, Texas, and California. But the big jump came after a hiccup with jobs. We jumped to a house sit in South Korea and from there we began our journey into long-term and slow travel.

With over a dozen countries visited together as a couple, and far more collectively over our individual lives. We are documenting our experiences around the world and want to show you how to explore the world without breaking the bank as well. We’ve also been recognized for a Liebster Award.

Why the name?

We are “Married With Maps” because we are indeed, married with maps. It all started with our collecting trail maps while hiking in California. We also enjoy consulting the world map, thinking about where we want to go next, and just looking at all there is out there to explore. Despite all the maps, we still excel at getting lost.

Kyle parking the bike

Where are we now?

Currently, we are residing in San Jose, California. We are taking a break for being fully nomadic for a while and using this as a home base to work and take shorter trips. We still international adventures planned as well as more local – all of which we aim to help you enjoy. And who knows what the future holds. 🙂

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