UPDATE: Watch out for our full spendings post for a year of travel coming out soon.

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Monthly Roundup 1-10  (March 2015-December 2015)
Monthly Roundup 11 (January 2016)
Monthly Roundup 12 (February 2016)
Monthly Roundup 13 (March 2016)
Monthly Roundup 14 (April 2016)
Monthly Roundup 15 (May 2016)
Monthly Roundup 16 (June 2016)
Monthly Roundup 17 (July 2016)
Monthly Roundup 18 (August 2016)
Monthly Roundup 19 (September 2016)
Monthly Roundup 20 (October 2016)
Monthly Roundup 21-22 (November-December 2016)

Current Monthly Costs

We have a pretty tight budget but also like to enjoy ourselves while traveling. If you would like to see more specific breakdowns of how much we spent, check the budget section of our monthly round-ups on the Travel Info page. We detail where we spend every dollar.

Accommodation and Utilities.

Varies depending on type and location. Right now we are mostly doing house-sitting, staying with people we know, Airbnbs (click on the link to register and get $20 free to use!), and cheap hotels/motels.


For all of our stuff back in California. We plan/hope to be able to have it all again eventually.


Plane tickets when we change locations. We prefer to get to know a place for a little bit though. Trains, buses, and uber/taxis to get around.


We are skinny but have big appetites. We do our best to keep our costs down by cooking for ourselves with food from local grocery stores and markets and only eating out occasionally. While it is more than we did in the states, it is still far less than most people we know and we tell you about it when we do!

Adobe Cloud Subscription.

Kyle needs this to work.


We use Express VPN for a variety of things, some for work, some for entertainment (like Words with Friends on Facebook).

Car Insurance.

Even though Kyle’s car is just sitting back in Florida, it still needs to be insured (just less.)


This is the only really unnecessary thing in our budget but at $7.99/month we’re not cutting it just yet.

Google Drive Storage.

Also needed for Kyle to work.


We have to go out and experience places and life! We do try to focus on free and cheap activities, though.


This category can add up. It is mostly for all of those random items we find we need (past examples include things like external hard drives, bolt cutters, a new mouse) but also encompasses things like gifts.