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Coffee, Desserts, and other Sweets We Ate in Belgrade, Serbia

Onto the coffee and desserts we tried in Belgrade, Serbia! During the five weeks we spent there we primarily got our desserts from the grocery store and bakeries, and our coffee from three-in-one packets, but we also tried out a couple cafes and a creperie.

I’m going to cover them in a similar manner to my Desserts in Budapest post which has been a relatively popular post for our site. Serbia definitely has fewer tourists, but probably partly because of that, there is less written about it on the web. 

Desserts We Ate in Belgrade, Serbia

I’ll begin with the coffees and desserts we tried out:

Hari’s Creperie

Strawberry chocolate crepe
hari's creperiecreperie

Because they seemed fairly popular there and I hadn’t had a ton of them in my life, I decided that if I had to try only one dessert in Belgrade (in a restaurant), it would be a crepe. We first made them ourselves (about that later) but I also wanted to try one out.

It seemed the best-rated/most popular places were Hari’s Creperie and Glumac. It was getting near the end of our stay before we decided to give it a go and ultimately chose Hari’s because it was closer to us and open late (until midnight everyday). I think we made our way there around 11pm one night (I talked about schedule we were keeping in our roundup for that time) to finally indulge.

At that point it was tempting to get a waffle because they all looked so appealing and we both enjoy a good waffle, but I had already decided- crepe. Hari’s offers both sweet and savory crepes (like omelettes, basically) but we were obviously there for dessert. We decided to share one, both because of the size, and the price.

They were cash only and one item plus a small tip would take what we had left at the time (not much- we needed to go to an ATM) so it was really our only option. I read that tipping is not necessary in Serbia, but in this case we did because we felt the service was good (and it feels not to unless we’re somewhere you’re not supposed to tip). They were quick to seat us and bring our food. They also gave us water which had not been the case everywhere.

Our crepe included chocolate, strawberries, and a cream/yoghurt. Very good. And very filling. By the end, we were glad we shared. So service, food, etc. all good. I will say that their television programming was rather unprofessional, though. I may send them a message advising them to change it.


  • Located: Kraljice Marije 8, Beograd 11000, Serbia ( > kilometer from the Church of Saint Mark)
  • Website:  Facebook page. They also have a regular site but it’s only relevant in terms of looking at their (Greek) origins and some of what they offer. The menu and prices were a little different in Serbia.
  • Cost: The crepe we ordered cost 420 Serbian Dinar which currently equates to $3.58. There were a couple slightly cheaper options and also, obviously, more expensive items. The simpler the item, the cheaper, and the more ingredients (such as multiple fruits, candies, or whatever in your crepe or on your waffle), the more it will cost.

Coffee Dream

Coffee Dream Outside
Coffee Dream SeatingCoffee Shake
Kyle at tableKyle with coffee dream

We also wanted some coffee experiences. Vietnam really got us into trying the local coffee and with Belgrade’s heavy cafe culture (I think we saw more cafes here than anywhere else), it was almost hard not to!

At Coffee Dream, you can choose to dine in or take-away your ordered items. We did not realize this so when we went up to the counter to order, they assumed we were getting take-away. We should have begun by sitting down at a table. Flavor options for the various types of coffees include cinnamon, choco-cookie, caramel, and even pumpkin! You can see the menu here. We think (see below) we ordered a caramel freezeri which was basically like an coffee shake. It was just what we wanted. Despite accidentally ordering the coffee to go, we first sat down and enjoyed it for a few minutes before taking off to stroll around and finish it off (we shared).

Located: Coffee Dream is actually a chain with several locations throughout Belgrade and even throughout Serbia. Each location is a little different.
Cost: We paid 245 ($2.24), yet online it says 275 for what we think we ordered so it’s possible we got something else. Prices may also vary slightly by day or location but in general, most are similar and you can approximate prices on the menu.
Website: http://www.coffeedream.rs/ 

Cafe & Factory

Caramel coffeeGood coffeecafeandfactoryKyle with coffeee

Cafe & Factory (or one of its locations, apparently) was just down the street and around the corner from our Airbnb. We’d often pass it and enjoy the nice aroma drifting out. One day, we decided we’d skip our 3-in-1 packets and head over there to start our day. It was then that we found out that “cafe and factory” means cafe AND factory. They make fresh coffee there and inside we saw people stand in line to get it freshly ground.

We thought about getting some of their ground coffee (maybe we should have) but we didn’t have a coffee machine at our Airbnb there or at our next place and still had a couple months before we’d be heading back to the US so we just ordered some coffee to enjoy in the cafe. I think we got the Latte Macchiato Caramelo and Cafe Mocha Bianca. It was something along those lines. It was as good as it looks!

Located: There are six locations http://cafe-factory.net/ja/index.php/locations
Cost: The total cost for both of our coffees was $3.90 (430 Serbian Dinar)
Website: http://cafe-factory.net/ja/index.php

Ice Cream

me with coffee gelatoCoffe ice cream
ic flavors

On one of our first days in Belgrade, after Kyle got his first Pljeskavica (burger), I found myself hungry as well. The first thing we came to that suited my tastes was ice cream. I chose the coffee flavor and we headed over to the Church of Saint Mark and strolled around the park with our food.


  • Located: It was somewhere between Park Manjez and the Church of Saint Mark. It looks like it might have been around Bacio Gelato but I’m not convinced that’s where I got it.
  • Cost: $0.64 (70 Serbian Dinar)
  • Website: not sure

There are plenty of other ice cream/gelato places that looked really delicious too, though! Just wander around and you’ll see.



We made nine bakery visits. Some visits involved the purchase of a single pastry and on others, we chose multiple items. I’m going to go over costs in advance for this section as I am not including every single item we purchased. We spent a total of $8.75 at bakeries. Try that in France or Switzerland! The macaron cost 100 Serbian dinar ($0.91), one of the donut visits cost 120 Serbian dinar ($1.10), and my other visits I simply listed in my finances as “bakery” or “pastry” but those visits respectively cost $0.63 (2), $0.64, $0.89, $1, $1.43, and $1.52.

Pekara Trpkovic

Belgrade bakery popularPopular placeSweet item

This is allegedly THE place to get burek in Belgrade (or so I have read). Every time we passed it there was a line out the door. Now, we did not get burek here because we did not feel like it when we visited but we did try some food. Kyle got something which was more of a savory snack and I chose the item you see above which basically tasted like fried dough soaked in honey.

Located: We went to this location: Nemanjina 32, Beograd, Serbia, but it looks like there is another at Dimitrija Tucovića 60, Beograd, Serbia
Website: http://pekaratrpkovic.rs/

Hleb & Kifle

Donuts in a box
Macaroondonuts from bakery

This is a higher-end bakery in Serbia. We saw them throughout and tried items from a couple of them. It was actually only my second time having a macaron (the first time was in Sri Lanka) that I can remember. All scrumptious!
Located: There are many locations throughout Serbia. You can find them on the website.
Website: http://www.hlebikifle.rs/

German lady near school

pastry from german woman

Our first attempt at visiting Park forest Zvezdara was not entirely successful but we did have a nice day exploring. On our way back to our place we were hungry and decided to make a stop at the bakery. Kyle knew he’d be able to find something (a burger) along the way but I needed something to help me along until we were home. The place was run by a friendly German woman. We spent a little time talking to her before we went on our way.

  • Location: There is no listing online and we can’t find it recognized anywhere, but here is the location on Googlemaps (unmarked).
  • Website: No website

Other Bakeries


There were obviously other bakeries we visited as well but I don’t remember them. Like the previous one, many have no online presence- even on google maps which makes it difficult to find them. I might remember better if they had allowed photographs but the couple times I tried to take a picture they “no photos”. Interesting to me because other people taking photos and posting them on their blog or social media is basically free advertising but maybe they want privacy or the ability to more freely change items/prices, etc. Who knows. Anyway, the pastry you see above was one of my favorites from another bakery we visited a couple times. It was filled with chocolate.

Onto the desserts we tried at home:

Here are the treats we got from the grocery store.

Ice Cream Cakes

Chocolate ice cream cake
White Ice Cream Cake BelgradeBerry Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Cake BoxChocolate

When we were in the store and saw the prices on these things (like $2), we thought, it can’t possibly taste good too. THEY WERE. As you can see, we basically tried every flavor we found.

Other Ice Cream at Home

ice cream bar

We were more focused on the ice cream cakes in terms of ice cream but we also tried a couple ice cream bars. This one was called Kapri.

Homemade Crepes

Crepe with berriesBerry crepeHomemade Crepe

At the store we were able to buy prepackaged crepes- similar to the way tortillas are normally packaged. We found them in a refrigerated area near produce, under the gnocchi and other pre-packaged pasta. Kyle warmed/cooked them in a pan, sometimes cooked a berry mixture, and then we added beli sir (local cheese) and/or yoghurt, etc. It was one of my FAVORITE things I ate abroad period. If only I could have it now!

Candy Bars, Chocolate Boxes, and other Grocery Store Treats

Alpine milk chocolatecoconut candy
Coconut barChocolate box
Milka Bar

There was this area in our grocery store that would have made you think Valentine’s Day was coming up, but it was just always like that!! The candy was fairly affordable too so we treated ourselves and brought back some for our families. We tried several kinds and found everything to be really good. Because we tried to give some type of candy to everyone (parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.), basically half my backpack was filled with candy on our final flight home.


Oatmeal yoghurtRaspberries on oatmeal

Oatmeal?! Well, when you add brown sugar, fruit, and possibly yoghurt and/or Nutella (yes, we found Nutella there) well, it starts to taste a little like dessert!

Honorable mention: Airplane yoghurt! (Plane ride from Athens to Belgrade) 

Plane foodHoneyyoghurt

This may not count as a dessert and it’s also Greek, but it was sweet! I’m mentioning it because it was such a luscious combination of cream and honey and there’s nowhere else to put it. Greek yoghurt was also popular in Serbia though I couldn’t find this exact package at the store (I looked).

I’ll finish off with the way we’d normally start our day, with coffee.


There you go. If you had another great dessert in Belgrade feel free to comment!


Hello Kitty House Thailand

Hello Kitty House Bangkok

While one of the top things Kyle wanted to do in Bangkok was the Snake Farm, one of the top things I wanted to do was the Hello Kitty House. I know it’s silly but I can’t help it. For my birthday this past year, I went to the Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul.

I Love Hello Kitty

I have hello kitty shoes, socks, pajama pants and shirts, a jacket, a watch, a flask, and a laptop case among other things. In the past I’ve had Hello Kitty planners, calendars, wallets, and more. And do you know what we did after the Hello Kitty House in Bangkok? We went to Caturday, a cat cafe. I guess you can say I’m a little obsessed.

The picture below is me celebrating Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday – Nov 1, 2014.

Me Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty House – So Cute!

Back to the Hello Kitty House. The place is just outside Siam Paragon mall, the 12th largest mall in the world. Pretty convenient.

Hello Kitty House near the mall
Hello Kitty and her husband

Outside the cafe there is a take-away counter.

Take Out Counter

The Hello Kitty House contains a cafe, spa, and gift shop but we only visited the cafe.

Me at Hello Kitty House

Where To Sit?

The first floor contains tables, a display case featuring some goods, and lots of Hello Kitty decorations. I felt like I should have worn pink. This is also where you order. There are lots of options including meal-type foods like salmon salad (obviously not for me), pumpkin soup, BLT, etc., desserts such as strawberry shortcake, coffee pudding, and rainbow crepes, and various drinks such as mocktails, smoothies, tea, and coffee.

food Display and ORdering areaHello Kitty House

We had a really tough time deciding but Kyle thought he was pretty hungry so we decided to share what I think was called the Hello Kitty Thai Golden Mango.

After we ordered they gave us a piece of paper with a map indicating where our table was located upstairs. We sat in the wrong area at first, but eventually figured it out.

Pink CouchSeat Map

We sat and enjoyed the super cutesy, super pink place for a while (maybe that was mostly me) while we waited.

Hello Kitty Stained Glass WindowPink Table
Me in HK chairLove is Sweet Hello Kitty

The dish we ordered It involved coconut milk, mango, ice and I’m not sure what else but it was delicious!

Me with Thai Golden MangoKyle with Thai Mango dish

Premium Ingredients Only

Allegedly they only use premium ingredients such as chocolate from Belgium and butter from France.

There is a song that plays over and over again (something like “hello hello hello hello kitty” or whatever) that was annoying Kyle a little bit. I didn’t notice it too much and actually forgot about it but Kyle mentioned it when I told him I was writing this article. We can’t seem to find it on the internet.

Kyle looking out the window

More To Do Than Just Eat

If you are interested in the other HK activities there: The shop is supposed to be located in the basement. I didn’t figure out how to get there, though. The spa offers nail services, eyelash services, waxing, massages, and more. It would be nice if the occasional spa visit was in our budget. We can make excuses for this because not only is it food, but it’s also an experience, but the other, not so much. If it were, I would have likely gone to the Hello Kitty Spa in Dubai as well.


Bakery and Deli in Lebanon

Wooden Bakery – Beirut, Lebanon

Upon our arrival to our Airbnb in Beirut, our host introduced us to his father and sister, and offered us watermelon and coffee. When he took us inside of our little studio nearby he showed us that he had stocked the fridge with bread/pita, cheese, beer, juice, and pastries. Needless to say, we didn’t need to head out immediately for food.


We Didn’t Want To Take Everything

We didn’t want to be so selfish to eat everything he left us, though, and later that evening we decided we might also like to try some Lebanese food out. Deciding on a restaurant, Kyle checked out the map, and we headed down the road. Kyle was confused about our orientation in relation to the map so we went the wrong way and didn’t come across the restaurant. What we did come across, though, was the Wooden Bakery.

I thought we should check it out so we went inside. It was a bakery, deli, small/sort of upscale convenience store in one.

Meats and CheesesCakes BakeryCake Options

What Great Choice

Kyle still wanted to look further for the restaurant but I said “Why? What we were planning to order at the restaurant is here!” Or some of it was, anyway. We would also be getting more food for our money than we would at a restaurant and could continue to snack so we grabbed a large container of hummus and a container of Labneh (Greek Yogurt / Lebanese Cream Cheese / Strained yogurt). Together, the price was 8,000 LBP, or a little over five dollars.

Both were so good! I could not stop eating the yoghurt – with the pita. I don’t think I had had yoghurt in a few months, Greek yoghurt (labneh, whatever) for even longer, and this was probably some of the best plain yoghurt I’d ever had. Kyle was downing it too so it probably had something we needed nutritionally as well. Pretty simple dinner, but good.

Hummus and Labneh

The walk there and back was pleasant as well.


We returned again (it may have been that night) to grab a muffin as well.

Chocolate chip muffin

They Even Make Sandwiches

On our last night, we took advantage of an additional feature of the shop- the restaurant. It wasn’t really a restaurant, but you could order fresh/hot food from the people behind the bakery displays. Only one of them spoke English but they provided us with a menu. You can find their menu here.

I would have been satisfied with just eating more of what we had at the apartment but Kyle convinced me to get a sandwich. Kyle ordered the Chicken Tawouk: skewers of marinated grilled chicken breast, garlic mayo, pickles, and fries in a pita/wrap; and I ordered the cheesy sandwich: special cheese mix, bell peppers, tomatoes, rocca, on bread. Aside from hot and cold sandwiches and wraps, you can get pizza, salad, side orders, and more. We took our sandwiches home and enjoyed.

Wrapped Sandwich OptionsSandwich
My SandwichKyle's wrap

I was so tempted to try their eclairs but decided to get two muffins. One for my dessert, and one for our host (I felt bad about eating the food they left us).