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ICHI Cat Cafe

So far, we have found a cat cafe in every large  city we have gone to so far and Saigon was no exception. The cafe here was called ICHI Cat Cafe (no, I don’t know the origins of the name) and it did not disappoint.

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Great Cat Cafe

It operates similarly to the others. First, you walk in, take off your shoes and put on their slippers and wash your hands. They show you the rules which are similar to other cafes (like don’t pick up the cats and don’t use flash on the cats).

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There is a “cuddle charge” of 40,000dong (~$1.80). The drinks options (you are not required to buy one) include various coffees, yogurt shakes, sodas, smoothies, teas, and more. They also have some dessert options.

There were tons of sweet kitties!

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I love seeing cats get snuggly with each other.

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“There’s no other kitty here. Just me.”

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All of the cats pretty healthy which was good to see.

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Delicious Drinks

We ordered one drink to share (a strawberry smoothie) and it was great.  They also gave us water which was nice.

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A nice water fountain was available for the cats.

20160202_144636 copy copy

The feeding schedule is not clear,  but one cat seemed like it wished it was time for food.

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I was also able to find some litter boxes (just off to the side/sort of in the corner), which for some reason I find comforting. I wouldn’t have probably noticed them if I weren’t looking.

20160202_145736 copy copy

Like at other cafes, we enjoyed going around and observing and petting various cats and also just sitting with them. This cafe felt more open to our mobility within the cafe and was not overly crowded with people.

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Such a cutie.

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20160202_145427 copy copy

There were a few other people there including a girl who was there sketching the cats. I had to tell a child to stop bothering a cat, though. She was blowing in its face and doing other things to bother it.

20160202_152857 copy copy

Cut Cat Theme

They had lots of cute decorations like cat pillows. There was even a bookshelf full of books (mostly about kitties).

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There was also a period of time where most of the cats decided to take naps.

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Find It

Overall a nice time.

Hours: 10:30am-10pm

Website: http://www.ichicatcafe.com/


Museum of Vietnamese History

One of our early trips in Ho Chi Minh was to the Museum of Vietnamese History. It was only about a twenty minute walk from our apartment, so we made a light afternoon of it. It’s located at 2 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. The building was originally constructed in 1926 and showcases a wide variety of topics.


Getting In

We came in through a side entrance, which opened into a center garden with fountain. The entrance fee was 15,000 Dong (~ $0.75) each. From here, we had access to a cafe and gift shop, as well as the entrance to the museum itself. While the museum is an interior building, much of it open air and quite spacious.


Gotta Love the Lotus Tea

We came in initially through a tea tasting room. Here they offered a “traditional” tea ceremony where you could try tea – and then they’d try to sell you a pack. We ended up liking the Lotus Tea we tried, and went ahead and purchased a pack of it for 95,000 Dong (~$4.75).

The tea was quite good, and certainly different than what we’re used to and it lasted us quite a while. The next room after that was a room dedicated to tea and the importance it’s played in Vietnamese culture.

Begin Your Tour

From this room, you can proceed on through a circuitous route which ultimately will lead you back to the tea room. We made the mistake of going through the route backwards (my fault) but that didn’t negate from an enjoyable experience.

The exhibits weren’t quite as informative as the National Museum of Korea nor the National Museum of Malaysia, but they were still quite informative. We just might have liked a bit more information on some items that were simply labeled. But most of the large exhibits had explanations in Vietnamese, English, and French.


Multiple, Extensive Exhibits

The museum has exhibits for the Prehistoric Period, Metal Age, Chinese Domination, Oc Eo, Culture of the Mekong, Stone and Bronze sculptures of Champa, Stone sculptures of Cambodia, Ngo, Dinh, Anterior Le, and Ly Dynasties, Tran and Ho Dynasties, Dynasties from the Le to the Nguyen, Tay Son Dynasty, Nguyen Dynasty. 


The exhibits were really quite interesting and it gave quite a bit of insight into the Vietnamese culture and their struggles. Some notables to check out are the water puppet theater (which we unfortunately did not see), the mummy of a woman from the late 1800s and the many stone carvings of Buddha and various Bodhisatvas from Cambodia. The museum itself should be allotted at least 2 1/2 or 3 hours to properly check it out.


There’s More

Once we finished the museum, we headed out the front entrance this time. We saw across the road a pagoda (Den Hung) that we wanted to check out. It was small, only a five minute venture to check out, but still worth looking at.


Next to the museum is the zoo, which we did not check out. We really didn’t have the time to check out the zoo, but we’ve also ready a few things about them not being great to the animals there, and we don’t support that. Hopefully we’re wrong about that.


All in all though, the museum is a nice place to visit during your stay in Ho Chi Minh.


Le Van Tam Park

On a majority of our actual activity outings on Saigon, we passed by this park called Le Van Tam Park. One day, we decided to make a stop there.


Large Space of Green in a Bustling City

The park is fairly large and pretty.


There was an area with a bunch of flowers on display and for sale, probably due to Tet.


Statue near the center.


Exercise area (much like those in the parks in Korea). It was a really hot day and we grabbed a drink nearby.


There is not much information about the park there but I found a little bit online. Allegedly the park is an old cemetery and some locals refuse to visit because of supersition.

It is a nice place if you are looking to just hang out, read, maybe do some yoga or have a picnic. There are also many nearby places to eat and various things to do in the area.