Hongdae Cat Cafe

I guess one just wasn’t enough! Kyle’s friend, Duncan came to/was stationed at Yongsan Garrison (base) up in Seoul towards the end of our stay and we decided a cat cafe might be a good activity to do with him. Plus I was ready to pet some kitties again!

On the Metro

On our way to meet him Kyle grabbed a snack at a transfer. We are not exactly sure what it was (which is why I wouldn’t try it) but we think it was tteokbokki covered in dough, carrots, maybe some shrimp stuff, and fried.

Kyle's metro food

Meeting Up With Old Friends

We met (I met for the first time) Duncan at the closest metro station, talked for a little while, and made our way to the cat cafe in Hongdae.

Kyle and Duncan

Once inside we were told there would be about a fifteen or twenty minute wait. I guess it is a popular cafe. We went outside and talked a little more and saw some neat gum with art on it outside of a coffee shop nearby.


When we were finally called (luckily Duncan already had a Korean phone), we went inside, put our shoes in a locker, and put on some of their shoes and went inside. This time the ordering form was electronic. We simply followed the prompts on a screen and then were seated. Each person was still required to get a drink. This place cost a little more than the Pyeongtaek Cat Cafe.

Cat Cafe Touchscreen

Finally In

We sat down, and fairly soon after had some kitties approaching us. A few showed us a little more attention than others.

Kitty enjoying attentionKitty butt dragging plus coffee

I had a very sweet and sleepy Persian in my lap for quite some time.

Sweet persianPersian on my lap

Another cat was quite interested in laying in my coat. At one point I had one in my lap, Kyle had one in his, and there was one sitting between us/on my coat. Pretty great!

Cats on our lapsKitties everywhere

There were lots of places for the kitties to go and they seemed to take greater advantage of the various beds and cat towers here, likely because there were more cats.

Cats in cat bedsUntitled

If You Buy It They Will Come

We saw a couple people who bought food and they were overwhelmed with cats. It is actually a little bit of a concern of mine because I felt many of these kitties seemed pretty thin. At the Pyeongtaek cat cafe, I felt most of the cats seemed healthy. When I was there, there was food out and accessible (but you could also buy it for the cats). This was not true at this cafe. I did not really notice water here either (though I think Kyle said he saw a dish).

Woman with food

Overall, though, it was another good experience hanging out with some kitties!

Me and a kittyCat at the cafe


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    I’ve been wanting to visit a cat café for some time now, but never end up making it when I’m in Japan or South Korea. I’ve also heard great things about the sheep café in Hongdae. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit one this year.

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